Heavy Duty Skip Range One Way Entry - 0.50m3

Heavy Duty Skip Range One Way Entry - 0.50m3

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The heavy duty skip is a low-cost and high quality solution for heavy industrial waste for use in factories. The one way skips are designed to be emptied by a forklift truck and done so by lifting from the rear and tipped into your waste bin. 


  • Simple to empty
  • Self-latching return mechanism
  • Tips in line (all models)
  • Heavy duty castors ensure they are easy to
    move (025 & 050 models only)



Capacity(Kg): 1250

Unloaded Weight(Kg): 250


Skip/ Outside Dimensions

Length(mm): 1515 / 1740

Width(mm): 960 / 1030

Height(mm): 1040


Fork Tunnels

Rear Centres(mm): 650

Aperture: 180 x 75


The total weight of the skip plus load should not exceed 50% of the fork truck rating.
Consideration should be given to the fact that the centre of gravity of the load will
move forwards / backwards / sideways when tipping.


Delivery: 15 - 18 Working Days