Heli 2000KG Semi Electric Pallet Truck

Heli 2000KG Semi Electric Pallet Truck

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This semi electric pallet truck is the simplest pallet truck in the range and can be widely used across all industry sectors. These reliable pallet trucks are suitable for lifting pallets up to a capacity up to 2000kg. The truck integrates a handle with a key switch and electric meter making operation simple. 


  • Small turning radius allows the truck to be used in narrow aisles and tight spaces
  • The simple handle design allows the operator to simply lift and drive
  • Built in charger can be plugged in to a wall at any time, reducing downtime
  • Power off braking turns off the pallet truck when the operator takes their hand off the handle
  • Electromagnetic and motor braking ensure the truck slows down when its not being moved to increase operator safety
  • Built in charger and plug is built into the truck to reduce downtime when charging


Load Center(mm): 600

Overall Length(mm): 1898

Overall Width(mm): 550/685

Fork Dimensions(mm): 50/150/1150

Minimum Turning Radius(mm): 1415

Battery Weight(Kg): 20.2

Charging Specifications(V/A): 24/5A

Delivery: 4-5 Working Days