Lithium-ion Pallet Truck 1500 kg
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1.5 tonne lithium-ion pallet truck side on image
1.5 tonne lithium-ion pallet truck

Heli Electric Pallet Truck 1500KG

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The Heli electric pallet truck is the ideal all rounder for a variety of application types for efficiently lifting and moving pallets. Its versatility lets operators use it in narrow aisles and on the back of lorries with ease. Changing to this fully electric pallet truck will take the effort out of load handling, speed up your operations and protect your staff from strain or injury. Thanks to its all metal body, it is incredibly robust too. 
This model can lift loads up to a maximum of 1500 kg. 

  • This electric pallet truck is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The battery is protected by a cover to prevent water and dust from getting to the battery.
  • The battery can easily be removed to change or charge it.
  • It is incredibly versatile thanks to its small turning radius, making it suitable for ultra narrow channel operations and for using on the back of lorries.
  • It is compact, reliable and light weight.
  • The integrated handle is comfortable to use. The uses the tiller arm on the handle to lift pallets and drive.
  • It has 2 stop switches - an anti collision switch on top of the handle and an emergency stop switch on the back of the truck. The anti collision switch stops the operator from getting crushed when reversing towards a wall.
  • The truck has a power-off braking function - If the operator lets go of the handle or presses it down the truck will stop immediately.
  • Electromagnetic and motor braking is always on so that the pallet truck remains stationary when its stopped and even when its on a slope.



Load Centre(mm): 600

Overall Length(mm): 1550

Overall Width(mm): 550/685

Fork Dimensions(mm): 550 x 1150

Minimum turning radius(mm): 1345

Battery(V/Ah): 24/ 20 Li 

Charge specifications(V/Ah): 24/10 (LFP)


Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

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