Heli Powered Pallet Truck 1800/2000KG

Heli Powered Pallet Truck 1800/2000KG

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This Heli lithium-ion powered pallet truck with mechanical steering is ideal for picking up pallet loads up to a capacity of 2000 kg. This truck has been designed to have a larger battery capacity, making it excellent for long working hours and speeding up your operations. Its short wheelbase design makes it easy to manoeuvre in small spaces.


  • Maintenance free battery
  • Emergency stop and reverse switch are always within reach to ensure operator safety.
  • The small and compact shape of the electric pallet truck ensures a minimal turning radius, allowing you to use this in narrow aisles and tight spaces.
  • Excellent view of the forks keeps your operator safe.


Load Centre(mm): 600

Overall Length(mm): 1650/1700

Overall Width(mm): 725

Fork Dimensions(mm): 550/1150

Minimum Turning Radius(mm): 1450

Charging Specifications(V/Ah): 24/200 Lithium-ion Battery

Charger(A): 100