Heli Stacker with Wrapover Forks Duplex Mast Full Free Lift 1400KG

Heli Stacker with Wrapover Forks Duplex Mast Full Free Lift 1400KG

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This Heli stacker with wrap over forks is typically used for lifting open based pallets. It is capable of lifting loads up to 1400 kg at a 600mm load centre. The full free lift duplex mast allows the forks to extend before the mast making it ideal for height restricted areas and can be lifted up to a height of 3.5m. This stacker is ideal for lifting light to medium loads in an indoor warehouse environment on a flat surface.


  • Electronic power steering takes the effort out of manoeuvring the truck.
  • 3 lowering speed options provide for precise lowering.
  • Regenerative braking system saves energy when the truck is braking.
  • Automatic deceleration when cornering makes it safe to navigate when cornering.
  • Emergency stop and reverse switch
  • Stacker automatically slows down the speed of the mast once it has reached a certain height to keep the load safe on the forks.
  • AC drive motors are maintenance free
  • 4 Lifting height options - 2500mm/3000mm/300mm/3500mm


Lift Height(mm): 2500 - 3500

Mast Type: Duplex Mast with full free lift

Load Centre(mm): 600

Overall Length(mm): 2470

Overall Width(mm): 856

Fork Dimensions - Length/Width/Depth(mm): 1150/185/55

Minimum Turning Radius(mm): 1990

Charging Specifications(V/Ah): 24/200 Lithium-ion Battery

Charger(A): 100