Heli Stacker with Wrapover Forks with Duplex Mast 1500KG

Heli Stacker with Wrapover Forks with Duplex Mast 1500KG

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This Heli stacker with wrapover forks is suitable for lifting light to medium loads on an open based pallet up to 1500 kg. The duplex mast will lift the forks up to a height of 3.5m. The mast had a full free lift function, making it suitable in height restricted areas and under a mezzanine floor. This stacker is ideal for indoor use and on a flat surface in a warehouse environment.


  • Small turning radius with great visibility
  • Waterproof switches
  • Mechanical steering
  • Two speed options
  • Long and lightweight handle
  • High power lift pump improves lifting speed and efficiency
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • 3 Lifting height options - 2500mm/3000mm/3500mm


Lift Height(mm): 2500 - 3500

Mast Type: Duplex mast with full free lift

Load Centre(mm): 600

Overall Length(mm): 1740

Overall Width(mm): 795

Fork Dimensions Length/Width/Depth(mm):1150/160/60

Minimum Turning Radius(mm): 1342

Charging Specifications(V/Ah): 24/ 60 Lithium-ion Battery

Charger (V/Ah): 24/ 30