Heli Straddle Stacker Simplex Mast 1000KG

Heli Straddle Stacker Simplex Mast 1000KG

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The Heli single mast straddle stacker is ideal for lifting closed bottom pallets to a capacity up to 1000 kg at a 600 mm load centre. Its single mast allows the forks to raise up to a height of 1.95m. The narrow mast lets the operator to easily see the loads they are moving and stacking. The legs that sit to the side of the truck can be fully adjustable from 1120mm – 1420mm to handle a variety of loads.


  • Excellent residual capacity – can lift 1000 kg to 1.95m.
  • Stacker automatically slows down the speed of the mast once it has reached a certain height to keep the load safe on the forks.
  • It has an emergency stop button to keep your staff safe.
  • The outriggers can be fully adjusted depending on the operator’s storage and stacking needs.
  • Built in charger – saves space within your warehouse.
  • Regenerative braking – charges the battery when braking.
  • Monobloc battery
  • Built in charger
  • Mechanical steering
  • 2 Lifting height options - 1600mm/1950mm


Lift Height(mm): 1600 - 1950

Mast Type: Simplex Mast

Load Centre(mm): 600

Overall Length(mm): 1640

Overall Width(mm): 940

Fork Dimensions Length/Width/Depth(mm): 1070/100/40

Minimum Turning Radius(mm): 1344

Charging Specifications(V/Ah): 24/ 70 Monobloc Battery